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6 Myths Debunked Surrounding Vaccines

There are plenty of vaccine advocates around the world but as of late, the outcries of smaller, persistent groups of people- ‘anti-vaxxers’- have been getting louder. We’re going to address each of the myths circulating around vaccines so all the parents reading this can rest easy and get an informed idea of how important vaccines are for their child’s health. 

Vaccines Cause Autism

This myth can be traced back to a study in 1997 where an author supported a relationship between autism and vaccines. However, the author has since lost his medical license and his study was also disproved by several studies that followed with much larger samples of children. There is still no proper cause for autism but several experts believe that it is a condition that comes about before birth.

You Can Get Your Vaccines Later On

Many parents question the wisdom in exposing their child to medicine so early on in life. But it’s important to remember that delaying your infant’s vaccine puts them at risk of getting fatal diseases such as measles, whooping cough etc. They are at a stage where they’re extremely vulnerable so getting infected with a disease would prove to be deadly and this is why doctors recommend infants getting their vaccines as soon as possible. If you still haven’t got your child’s vaccines, get him/her to a Taylors lakes clinic at once!

Immunization Schedule Is Too Aggressive

This schedule has been put together after going through decades of medical evidence. The evidence suggests that there is a specific period when vaccines will be most effective in preventing diseases. However, parents tend to get uneasy with the schedule and ask their paediatricians to administer shots one at time in slower intervals. By missing that optimal period, this results in questionable immunization results, more shots, more visits to the clinic and therefore more money being spent.

Vaccines Cause Diseases

Next there is the popular myth that vaccines themselves cause diseases. This is really not possible because vaccines do not contain active viruses. They contain inactive viruses which trick the immune system into thinking there is a threat so it’ll be able to create antibodies. It’s an act of mimicry in the end- the vaccine mimics the disease but does not cause it. The process of producing antibodies is what gives way to minor symptoms like low fever but never the actual disease itself.

Vaccines Contain Dangerous Toxins

Vaccines do contain traces of additives like formaldehyde, mercury and aluminium. But it is these that make sure that the vaccines are sterile and therefore, capable of being effective. These trace amounts cause no bodily harm- in fact, your own body produces higher rates of formaldehyde. They’re only toxic in far higher amounts.

Effectiveness of Vaccines Aren’t Proven

This one can be simply proven with a single search on the Internet. There are several studies that outline the effectiveness of vaccines and if this isn’t enough- look at your history. Look at how the number of cases dropped for each disease after a vaccine was developed.

These are the main myths surrounding vaccines and we hope we’ve managed to lessen your worries and fears now! Do not put your little one at risk, get them vaccinated today!


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