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Are You A Good Candidate For A Cosmetic Procedure?

Cosmetic procedures as a whole constitute a diverse segment of procedures that one could choose from depending upon their requirements. As such it is also only normal that your qualifying criteria for each type of procedure will be different. You will not be able to directly just go to a professional of your choice and have the procedure and in fact you will need to be thoroughly examined for whether or not you are able to qualify to undergo the knife. You will have to listen to what your doctor tells you and if they say that you should not have the procedure you really should take that seriously. Here are some of the ways to know whether or not you are in general a good candidate for cosmetic procedures.

How Is Your General Overall Health Condition?

One of the main thins to be concerned with the general and overall condition of your health in day to day life. Are your struggling with any chronic issues like diabetes, hypertension or blood pressure and the likes? Have you had any history of serious and life threatening conditions like cardiac arrest or deep vein thrombosis? If you have you should definitely not hide this from your doctor that you are consulting for the procedures. Being in good health is very important as a qualifying criteria for undergoing cosmetic procedures from a lip enhancement to a breast augmentation, so you must never take this lightly. Disregarding and lying deliberately about these factors to your consultant will not just put your life at risk but also their career as well.

What Is Your Chosen Procedure?

The next factor has to do directly with the type of procedure that you have chosen. It could be Botox fillers or you could be looking for a face and neck lift. Either way the qualifying criteria for you to be chosen as a good candidate for the procedures will change from one to the other. For example in the case of rhinoplasty you will be considered a good candidate if you happen to have a nose that is disproportionately large to your face, or is crooked due to injury or is even lumpy or droopy. If you are somebody who is a child who has not developed fully, has really thick skin or is a sports person who plays a lot of rough contact sports, you are not considered a good candidate. You also must have the right funds for the procedure and you must also be patient because in about 15% – 20% of patients an additional round of going under the knife will be required to achieve the best possible results.

How Old Are You?

Sometimes being in the right age group is equally important. For example, if you are underage and is a child, you are not considered as being fully developed. Your body needs more time to grow and gain its final status and before that doing any type of cosmetic procedure unless it is a case that is so severe that it mandates this, is not really a good idea. If you are really old and you have a lot of health issues that come with age including reduced immunity and slowed pace of healing you should also try to avoid cosmetic procedures unless they are absolutely needed.

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