Bad Habits

Break the bad habits

Your health is your wealth. This statement stands true today, tomorrow and always. This is why we make sure to protect ourselves from all kinds of harm, physical and mental. You could be the richest man in the world or own so much of fortune, but you will be poorer than a beggar on the road if your physical and mental selves are not healthy. A common thing we see today is the richer you are in fortune, the poorer you are in health. This is mainly due to the bad food and lifestyle habits followed by most people of today.

Smoking is very popular among all classes of humans today. It is clearly stated that smoking causes so many unwanted issues to people, but still it is done up to date. People are affected in active and passive ways. The product itself shows this, but the tobacco industry is earning billions of profits and usually sits among the leading companies due to the fact that we still continue to buy these. One important lifestyle habit you could follow is to quit smoking if you already do this. Start with small steps. If you do it about 5 times a day, try to reduce the frequency slowly. Gradually you can let go of this entirely.

Alcohol consumption is also a popular negative behavior, both among men and women. Pregnant women are prohibits from doing this due to the harmful effects it has on the fetus or unborn child. We do still see some women drinking alcohol even when they are in such conditions. People should be taught on the negative aspects of these deeds. These should be highlighted, so that it is taken up seriously. Governments and major institutes should take this up in a proper manner so that the message is transferred appropriately to the general public.

Speak on this topic on public meeting and other such gathering. Keep seminars and volunteer programs which addresses such issues. Bring up the negativity of these harmful acts. It is then that you could deliver a proper message to the society. It is not that they do not know of all these, but a reminder every now and then might prove to be effective. This can be done even in schools, where the younger generation is well informed on these subjects. They are a good target audience, as many things root up from children of this age. This way, you can at least hop to eradicate these bad habits in the future generation.


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