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Causes For Difficulty When Conceiving

It is a very stressful and frustrating process for a couple to experience issues related to fertility when they badly want to have a child of their own. It has the capability of introducing a lot of conflicts into the relationship as well. To seek treatment for difficulties in conceiving, it is important that they understand what precipitates it. When the underlying cause for difficulty in conceiving is identified, it can be corrected medically or surgically, and then the couple can try again. The main thing is they must remain hopeful and seek the proper help to overcome such issues. They must not succumb to the pressures of society and give up.

Problems With The Male Partner

In order to have a child, both the mother and father should contribute healthy genetic material. If the male partner’s sperms are not adequate in concentration, or are predominantly of abnormal morphology, then they won’t be able to produce a fetus. Causes such as diabetes mellitus, smoking, cancers, chemotherapy, highly stressful conditions, history of mumps causing inflammation of the testis or trauma to the testis could lead to these abnormalities in sperm count and form.

Therefore, the male partner must be investigated for such causes. If an uncorrectable cause is found in the sperm count, then intrauterine insemination can be done. This is when a few thousand healthy forms of sperm are isolated and inserted into the women, allowing them to fertilize her eggs.

Problems With The Women

Women can have two main kinds of problems regarding fertility. One is the inability to produce eggs, which should ideally be fertilized by the sperm. The other is once the fetus is formed, it cannot get implanted in the uterus due to an abnormality. The eggs are not produced due to hormonal problems caused by pituitary tumors, endometriosis, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and others.

These hormonal problems also cause changes in the cervical mucus and affect the fertilization by sperm. Then the problems related to implantation can be due to pelvic inflammatory disease caused by chlamydial infections, uterine fibroids, endometriosis and others.

The management of such conditions can be medical, surgical or naturopath for fertility issues. Medical management entails many side effects of drugs that can be difficult to tolerate. Surgical management is highly stressful and invasive procedures that should be avoided if possible. On the other hand, natural modes of treatment are best attempted if they are found effective.

In both men and women, it is important that regular coitus is attempted for at least 2 years before seeking treatment for difficulty in conceiving, unless a definitive cause has been previously found. The stress and worry of not being able to conceive would only make it less possible, therefore both should be relaxed.

Maintaining a good healthy lifestyle by limiting alcohol consumption, quitting smoking and eating a balanced healthy diet is very important. However, if they already have a diagnosed medical condition or if there is a significant family history, it is best to seek medical help to avoid any disappointments.


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