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Different Types of Operating Tables Used by Doctors

The medical field has evolved so much that when it comes to furniture pieces, you have to be careful of what to buy. It may look all the same, but it has specific functions. A matter of fact, it is no longer just a table used in operations because it now comes in different variants. And the most used options are the operating table system used for general surgery and the mobile operating tables that are designed for specific use.

You are probably thinking why there’s a need for a variance for operating tables when in the previous years, what ancient doctors used is just a small table made from the finest wood. It also comes with sawdust-filled catcher lying below to catch dripping liquid and blood from the operation. However, like years past, the need for specific specification on the tables used has risen due to some processes that doctors have to perform.

For instance, to perform bariatric surgery, the doctor would need an operating table that has a large weight capacity to bring comfort to the patient and the surgeon. So if you are looking for tables for your hospital or clinic, here are the lists of tables according to its unique functions.

Neurological Operating Tables

The neurological operating table is considered the newest and most advanced treatment table launched in the market recently. It is customized to ensure that the patients are position in a precisely during the operations. Some designs feature a foot-controlled tabletop slide functions while others have manual controls for head and back extension positioning. And this can be done in a longitudinal and lateral slide.

Orthopedic Operating Tables

The orthopedic operating tables come with an advanced technology that utilized state-of-the-art imaging that is crucial for orthopedic procedures. It comes with a wide variety of accessories that can support the practitioner in performing the operations.

Urological Operating Tables

Since urological operating procedures are sensitive,the designers of the operating tables in this procedure make sure that patient swill be comfortable throughout the operation. The C-arm process is maximized where it offers a radiolucent extension for the convenience and accessibility of the medical team who will perform the surgery.

The table tops were ergonomically designed to accommodate precise positions during the operation; imaging technology is installed to be able to perform noninvasive surgical procedures. Through this advanced operating tables, it would be easier for medical practitioners to obtain 3D images, fluoroscopy, and extensions for convenient operation.

These are the latest operating tables that you can find in the market today, which can be beneficial and supportive to your goals in performing successful operations to your patients and other stakeholders. In choosing the best table for treatment, you should always consider the comfort of your patients because part of the success of the surgery relies on how comfortable the patients during the operation. Another consideration to take note is the durability and flexibility of the medical furniture to be used in the most critical part of the treatment. Medical organizations should continuously invest in materials that would greatly help the public.

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