Time Table

From the dining table

Living a long and healthy life is any person’s dream. In order to enjoy this worldly benefits to the most, we strive to reach the maximum point in our lifelines. There are many aspects to think of on this regard. One of the most important things to do is to follow a healthy diet full of nutritious food and to avoid processed and junk food as much as possible. It is a proven fact that these kind of unhealthy food promote illnesses and has a bed effect on our bodies.

Today many in the world are suffering from various diseases, out of which some are fatal. Even if it is not fatal, it can still leave you with unnecessary trouble and pain. Follow the basics of good nutrition and food habits. Carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamins are all important components to be included in our meals. It is recommended to include all of these in each of our meals. Generally you could have three main meals per day or have around 5 average or small potions throughout the day. This depends on each individual’s habits and choice.

Avoid eating a lot of flour especially wheat flour and starch, as too much of the same could cause undesired results such as weight gain. Even fatty foods should be consumed to a certain extent. It is needed for your bodily functions, but only a particular amount is sufficient. Go back to primary school and learn the lessons related to nutrition so that you will remember what you ought to consume. This is most often thought in schools so that children are aware of it too. Many schools have now taken up a time table or schedule regarding what kind of meals should be given to students for lunch break. This is a great initiative as it promotes good habits among children.

Start a healthy meal plan from your own home. This is where you can put things in to actions which would work towards building a better society. Have a time table at your own dining table. Try to stick to it as much as possible. It is okay to deviate from it once in a while, as sometimes you don’t have any other option. But it would be a great initiative to start with. As a results, you will have less trips to the hospital and more time enjoying life together with all your family members. Hope you will give it some thought and try to implement it as your home as soon as possible.


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