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How to Relieve Tense Muscles

We use our muscles to function daily and it’s only when we manage to injure them that we realize how important they are. Tense muscles can be incredibly painful because they cause stiff joints, swelling, bruising, etc. There are quite a few reasons they could come about. For example, if you work a regular office job, your posture might have caused some stiffness or you could have worked a muscle too hard during your workouts. Here are some ways you can relieve those tense muscles and get them functioning back to normal.


There’s a reason people tell you to stretch your muscles out before and after exercising. It helps loosen your muscles out for what’s to come and is by far one of the fastest ways you can relieve your muscles of built up tension. If you work a regular job, you’ve probably been told to shake off your limbs every now and then- get up and take a short walk. You need to wring your muscles out so that they don’t stiffen up by being in the same posture for multiple hours at a time. So don’t forget those regular breaks either.

A Massage

This one is for the people who have incredibly tight knots of muscle that they simply can’t work out or even reach for that matter. There are Body Motion remedial massage therapists who are capable of giving you a remedial massage treatment that will cover a range of issues. These include back pain frozen shoulder, carpel tunnel etc. It’s a calming method that is bound to see any issues and conditions your muscles are facing.


You might find it hard to believe but yes, water can be the answer to your problems. Muscle cramps or tightness could be a result of dehydration. So, especially if you’re hitting those regular workouts, make it a point to hydrate yourself regularly because your body loses a lot of moisture during this period.  By remembering to drink water during strenuous circumstances you can soften those tight muscles and avoid dehydration.

Magnesium Intake

Magnesium intake is vital for proper muscle function. Low levels of this can actually bring about a buildup of lactic acid- this is quite detrimental because it reduces your flexibility and tightens your muscles. Magnesium is also a major component of muscle contraction and energy production.  Find ways to include sources of Magnesium into your diet- common sources include spinach and avocado.


Stress plays a large role in affecting bodily functions. It can make your body tense up, leading to tight muscles, headaches, nausea etc. The best way to control this is to learn stress reduction techniques such as meditation or perhaps enroll in a yoga class. Herbal teas are also a favorite because of their calming properties.

Hot Water

Taking a hot water bath might seem like a clichéd method but it has been proven to sooth your muscles and work away any tension.

These are the best ways you can relieve any tension but don’t hesitate to book an appointment with a professional if the pain is too intense.


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