Important Tips to Maintain Foot Hygiene

When it comes taking care of our body, most of us limit it to a skincare routine limited to our faces, eating healthy and working out or hair remedies. However, what most of us forget is foot hygiene.  And since your feet are as important as the rest of your body, here are some tips that can help you to keep them in good condition.

1.Wash Them Everyday

Washing feet is the first step of keeping them clean. After wearing shoes and socks for most part of the day, it is important that you clean them thoroughly to get rid of sweat and moisture in-between your toes. If not washed regularly, the moisture that grows as a result of wearing shoes for long periods of times can provide grounds for the growth of bacteria and fungi. And if not treated properly, these can lead to bad odour and infection. There is no need for any special requirement when it comes to washing them. Thoroughly soaping them, including between your toes, while you are having a bath is enough.


After washing, the next step is to moisturize them. This can keep the feet from drying and avoid cracked, scaly skin. Dry skin is specially a problem during warmer days wear you have to wear sandals often. Rubbing a lotion that contains cocoa butter on can help with the drying and keep them moisturized for a long time. In case the drying and cracking of your skin gets worse, practicing an overnight moisturizing routine is recommended. You can run cocoa butter on and wear a comfortable pair of socks before you got to sleep.

3.Wear Socks

Socks a not paid enough attention as it is with shoes but they both are equally important. Socks are known to absorb the impact of walking or running. While this is generally absorbed by a layer of fat on your heels, socks give you a little extra help, especially if you have to walk a long distance. With age, the fat layer in your heel gets thinner and wearing socks – thicker one specially – become even more important. Socks can take care of your feet by absorbing the moisture that builds up and protecting them from calluses and blisters.

4.Comfortable Shoes

Wrong shoes size or wearing shoes that are difficult to walk in can affect the health of your feet. Overly large heels prevent your heel from firmly settling on one place when you walk and can result in calluses and blister while shoes that are too small for you can cause hammer toes, foot pain and ingrown toe nails. Always try on the shoes before purchasing them. The materials of the shoes matter as well. Some synthetic materials will not give your feet enough space to breath while materials such as leather and cotton can keep your feet cooler allowing moisture to get out.

Other than the above routine, make sure you keep all your socks and shoes clean. Wash your socks regularly and never wear your shoes before drying them if they get wet. Keep your nails clean as well. Do not go for longer periods of time wearing nail colours or any other nail products. Following these hygiene tips can help you to maintain healthy feet.


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