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Keep Your Child’s Teeth and Gums Healthy with These Techniques

Just like adults, oral health is also important for kids. Because they still don’t have any idea on how to take care of their teeth and gums, you should set an example for them. Teach them how to properly brush, floss, rinse and take care of their own teeth. Some children, especially the younger ones, are hesitant in letting you brush their teeth. Encourage them by making every brush time a fun and exciting experience. Also, show them the importance of oral health early on so they will take these principles with them as they grow up.

How to Prevent Cavities?

  • Brushing – A child should brush his/her teeth at least twice a day to reduce the risk for cavities. It’s better to use fluoridated toothpaste for kids since this ingredient helps strengthen and protect teeth from tooth decay. Children as young as 1 year old can be given fluoride toothpaste but the quantity should only be a smear. Increase it into a pea-sized amount as soon as he/she reaches 2. You should start brushing as a habit as long as your baby’s first tooth has grown to maintain its health.

  • Flossing – Doing this once a day is enough to remove plaque between the teeth. Wait for your child to turn 4 years old before flossing their teeth. Flossing is not recommended for younger kids since their gums are still delicate and might get hurt by the procedure.


  • Limit sweet and starchy foods – As much as possible, limit your child’s intake of candies, chips, biscuits, artificially flavoured juices and other foods that are sugary or starchy. Make sure he/she drinks a lot of water to flush out food debris in the mouth.


  • Regular dental check-ups – Just like adults, you should also take your child to a dentist every 6 months for maintenance. If you live around the Mornington Peninsula, you can visit the best dentist Rosebud that offers child-friendly dental services. Check out their free dental service for kids.

Dental Sealants for Kids

Dental sealants are not just for adults. Children can also receive this treatment as soon as they already grow their molars. The chewing parts of the molars are at high risk for cavities. The sealants’ job is to protect and seal the teeth from cavities and tooth decay caused by bacteria in the mouth. It is a painless procedure so you don’t have to worry about your child. Ask your doctor if your child can already have sealants.

Role of Fluoride for Healthy Teeth

Always use fluoridated kids toothpaste, not one for adults. Although fluoride is good for the teeth, too much of it causes fluorosis. This condition makes teeth look discoloured or streaked. The affected teeth have weaker enamels compared to normal ones. Fluoride in kids’ toothpaste is regulated in small amounts that suit their needs. A dentist can give your child a fluoride treatment on his routine check-up to make sure his teeth get the right amounts of this mineral.

Teaching your child proper oral hygiene early on is the key to keeping his smiles healthy and beautiful. Keep encouraging them and make sure that you too are setting a good example.



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