Subtle Ways To Take Care Of Your Grandparents Without Making Them Feel Like They’re A Burden

In some ways, adults are a lot harder to take care of than children. Perhaps it’s because we feel we are very capable of handling our affairs. But age is something that strips that capability of us. If you want to take care of your aging grandparents, but don’t want them to feel you “hovering” then here are some tips for you.

Visit Them As Often As You Can

As we age, our capability of handling loneliness wears down. As a result, we end up feeling unloved and eventually mentally ill if faced with too many days of loneliness. This is true for even the strongest of us. If you must take only one tip from all those we mentioned, then opt for this¾and visit your grandparents as often as you can. If that is not physically possible, then try to Facetime or Skype with them at least once in 2 days, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Reduce Their Visits To The Doctor If It’s Hard For Them To Travel

Doctor’s appointments are inevitable at their age. However, if they’re finding it hard to travel to the doctor, or if you feel it simply takes too much out of them, perhaps you can take a few measures to reduce the number of times they would need to visit the doctor. Things like physiotherapy especially can be dealt this way, so opt for a home visit physiotherapist instead of visiting them at their clinic. Other errands that need them to be out of the house like grocery shopping too can be dealt with through your smartphones nowadays.

Buy Them An Age-Friendly Smartphone

Most smartphones nowadays can be customized to suit weak eyesight or shaky fingers. Icons can be enlarged, lesser apps can be on the home screen… these adjustments make using them a less stressful experience to your grandparents. In it, install all apps that you feel may be of use to them; from online banking to social media platforms to get in touch with their friends. This is especially a great idea if their age or health is hindering them from going out of their home to visit friends these days.

See To Their Home’s Repairs Whenever You Visit Them

Every house has its share of problems and repairs. If they are taken care of in a timely manner, these problems are generally insignificant. In the case of your grandparents’ house, if they happen to live by themselves, chances are that they might not notice these repairs, or be able to deal with them. Rather than waiting for until it becomes critical, see to it every time you visit their home. In addition, it’s always best to give their home a once over for leaks and repairs as the winter months’ approaches, especially if they live in a locality where snowstorms are frequent.

Install Safety Measures Throughout Their Home

We have no doubt that you might have already made sure their home is burglar proofed and as safe as can be. Unfortunately, you can’t always save them from the accidents they will face due to their failing eyesight or even unstableness due to age. However, with a few precautions, you can certainly reduce the frequency of their accidents, and perhaps even the damage. Simple things like shower railings and slip proof mats go a long way in this mission of yours.


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