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The 5 Steps To Leading An Alcohol And Drug-Free Life

Substance abuse is one of the top problems faced by people of all ages in Australia. Alcohol and drug addiction are the most commonly used substances because of their availability. Getting hooked to these substances is quite easy and starts off on curious trials. However, quitting is never that easy.

Know That You Can Get Help

One of the most effective ways to stop this is by going through an alcohol and drug treatment program. There are alcohol and drug programs in Geelong for those living around Melbourne and nearby cities. The journey is long and rough but the results are truly amazing. Here are the four basic steps that lead to alcohol and drug-free living.


Change begins with our self. You can never get healed when you haven’t decided to seek help by yourself. Reaching out for professional help is the first step to begin your healing process. It is normal to feel ambivalent at the first few sessions. You might start to think that you’re not as worse as other cases and even deny the fact that you need to give up the substance permanently. This is one of the problems therapists need to hurdle so they could start treatment. To make things easier, be calm and open to the treatment process, avoiding these feelings as much as possible.

Early Abstinence

To start your recovery from addiction, the next thing to do is early abstinence. This is probably the toughest stages since there are plenty of factors that could tempt you into using the substance again such as withdrawal symptoms and cravings. You don’t need to worry though since your therapist will be there to teach some coping techniques in order to resist our cravings.

Maintaining Abstinence

After abstaining for 90 days, you now have to maintain this kind of lifestyle. The main goal of this stage is to prevent relapses. Your therapist may check on you from time to time to track your progress in the treatment. You will also be taught how to spot warning signs and plenty of coping techniques to fight it. Your therapist will also teach you some skills that are essential in life such as anger management, proper nutrition and exercise, building and maintaining healthy relationships and many more. If you are able to maintain this lifestyle for around 5 years, you are successful in this stage and proceed to the last one.

Advanced Recovery

After abstaining from a substance for 5 years, you now move on to the last stage of your treatment. Your therapist and counsellor won’t be checking in on you. You are on your own now and it’s your responsibility to live a great and fulfilling life. You already have all the tools necessary for you to be a better person free from alcohol and drugs.

Most people think that treatment only focuses on abstaining and remaining sober for long. Actually, its main goal is to teach people how to live a good life after being enslaved by these damaging substances.


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