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The triangle of protection at your office that we need to know

When you take care of your business, you’re taking care of a number of people simultaneously. Let it be your employees, their families, your clients and their families and this list goes on. Protection as a word can have several meanings. When it comes to the ‘triangle of protection’ at your workplace, the context can be quite new.

So, since it is a triangle, there should be 3 sides. These 3 sides come together in defining the protection at work.

The first side – Protection by electronic equipment against unauthorized access

The second side – Protection for the diseases that may occur within the workplace

The third side – Protection against the malicious attacks via the internet

The role of the first and the third sides ought to address in the best way at all times by default. In fact, these two sides tend to be quite strong due to the higher frequency of the threats that take place. We’re talking about surveillance systems, alarms, antivirus systems and this list goes on. But how many of us are truly concerned about the missing second side?

The contagious COVID-19 attacked the global economy and we are still uncertain on the forthcoming damage too. In such a context, it is essential that the corporate world does not disregard both contagious and non-contagious diseases; especially the contagious ones. Once all of this is over, the world will expect us to resume and if we couldn’t, it wouldn’t care about us. Hence as a matter of fact, the second side of this triangle must be prioritized as much as you can.

It starts from the cleanliness at your office or warehouse or wherever it is. The more the people there are, the more would be the risk. After all, if the carrier organism gets to sting each person, based on that hypothesis, all the people would get sick, wouldn’t they? But cleanliness is not enough, you need to focus on the right immunization as well.

Investing in workplace flu vaccines is one of the strongest and the most cost-effective methods to ensure that the second side of the triangle is ideally tight. But should you even care for a disease like influenza? Yes, you should. If your employees need up being prone to that, you can kiss the successful growth of the business goodbye. But how can you possibly get something like that done?

There are companies, medically recognized companies, who are dedicated to eradicating the fear of influenza in the ways it should be done – via the vaccinations. After all this time, vaccinations are still the best way to get immunizing drugs inside the body. These medically experienced professionals will ensure that your employees are ideally vaccinated so that your workplace will be one less place where a complication like this can erupt.

In the end of the day, taking steps to safeguard what you love is a job up to you. This is one way to do it.


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