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Things to Do To Promote a Healthy Pregnancy

Taking care of both the mother and the baby is essential to ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy. Proper prenatal care helps in the proper development of the baby inside the womb while keeping the mother in good health at the same time. There are actually plenty of things you can do to promote and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Visit a Health Professional

One of the things you should do after finding out that you are pregnant is to schedule an appointment with your obstetrician. The doctor will guide you through your pregnancy journey – from knowing your symptoms to keeping track of your overall health during pregnancy by helping you maintain weight and blood pressure. The doctor will also check the developing baby inside through an ultrasound scan. You will also be given advice on what things you should do or avoid during the pregnancy. Make sure to give you and your baby the best care you deserve by trusting only the best obstetrician Melbourne.

Maintain Healthy Weight

Pregnant women slowly gains weight through time as they go on with their pregnancy. The average weight gain during a pregnancy is 25 to 30 pounds; however it may differ from one woman to another. For underweight mothers, they will need to gain more to ensure baby’s health. However, for heavier ladies, their weight gain should be controlled so they will not have a hard time when giving birth.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is another key ingredient to a healthy pregnancy. Make sure to avoid foods that have empty calories such as junk food, soda, and other unhealthy food options. Drinking milk and eating other dairy products is recommended to provide all the calcium that your body needs. Avoid unpasteurized dairy products because they might contain bacteria which can cause infections. Go for meat, eggs, fish, fruits and vegetables for a healthier diet. For coffee lovers, make sure to limit your caffeine intake for up to 2 cups of coffee each day.

Avoiding Medicines

When you’re pregnant, never take medicines and other medications without the advice of a doctor. Some medicines cause irreversible birth defects especially when taken during the early months of the pregnancy. Follow only the prescription your doctor gave to be assured that it is safe to be taken by pregnant women.


Aside from eating healthy, another way to a healthy pregnancy is to take prenatal vitamins. Folic acid is one of the most important vitamins needed by the developing baby especially during the earlier months. Your doctor can prescribe you the best vitamins for your pregnancy which you have to take every day.


If your pregnancy is normal and without complications, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t exercise. Staying active during the course of your pregnancy is known to make labour and delivery a little bit easier. Make sure to ask your doctor first to know the exercise routine that suits you and your pregnancy condition.

Putting in your best effort will surely leave you with a great pregnancy experience. Talk to your doctor to help you stay on the healthy track.


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