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Things You Should Know Before Your Injection Treatment

If you’re thinking of going for filler treatment and you’re looking at all possible angles of the equation, it would definitely benefit you to know the right way to go about this process. To ensure that your treatment goes smoothly, there are a few steps you need to take before the procedure. Here’s an inclusive list on exactly what you should and should not do:

Do Not Consume Blood Thinning Substances

Blood thinning substances can come in the most innocent of forms like Aspirin, Alcohol, fish oil and even Vitamin E. You’ll have to be very careful of what you consume for at least 5-days prior to the treatment and make sure that absolutely zero blood thinning substances enter your system as since these are anti-coagulators, they increase the chances of any bruising or bleeding occurring at the injection site.

Do Notify Of Any Breakouts

If you have previously suffered from breakouts or cold sores, it’s best that you inform your practitioner of this because the clinic itself can prescribe medication to help minimize your chances of a breakout rather than have you take drugs that might interfere with the treatment. So before getting your cosmetic injectables Essendon, just talk to your practitioner about any medical conditioners you might have and keep him/her fully up to date. Even if you find that you bruise easily, this is information that might come in handy.

Do Not Have a Busy Schedule

It’s always best to make sure that you book this appointment when your schedule is most free of any events or activities. Keep at least 3 weeks between any large scaled events because you don’t want to risk your skin breaking. This once again would lead to bruising or even swelling so remember, giving your body the time it needs to heal is rather important.

Do Inform Of Any Micro Bladed Work

If you have microbladed eyebrows, you’ll have to reschedule your Botox appointment to within two weeks of the microblading treatment. You would also have to call your brow provider to get an insight from them on what Botox they’d recommend that would suit the current eyebrow treatment they do for you.

Do Not Have Recent Dental Work

If you’ve recently made a trip to the dentist, it’s a must that you postpone any lip injection procedures. You’ll have to wait at least two weeks before scheduling the appointment to give all the wounds and rawness in your mouth the chance to heal. If not, studies have revealed that continuing with the treatment could result in infections.

Do Not Get Injections When Pregnant

Practitioners make it a point to avoid giving pregnant or breastfeeding women any fillers as they tend to go through many hormonal changes during this period. Adding an additional chemical might interfere with their normal processing. Procedures in general also aren’t carried out during this time as there is a lot of unstable fluid and weight change so it would not be efficient.

These are the most important things you’ll have to keep in mind in the weeks leading up to your appointment. Remember to be completely frank with your practitioner on all fronts because they need to have a clear idea of what they’re working with.


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