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Tips for Maintaining Your Feet So They Look and Feel Great

Our feet are our sole mode of transportation, they take you everywhere! And it’s our responsibility to take good care of them inside out. Below are a few tips to maintain a healthy pair of feet.

Water Them

And no, water them don’t mean you have to literally take a bucket and water them, more like drink plenty of water. Water is the key! I cannot stress this point enough, mainly because our feet are one of the driest parts of the body and the first to go bone dry when there is a lack of water in the body. You will start to notice cracks on the edges and skin peeling off. Often at this stage, you’ve reached a full-on dry state and the only way to recover is to keep that water pumping – and also at this stage, it’s probably best you get some moisturizing creams on there.

Get Them Checked and Treat Them Well

Take your feet to a foot clinic Woden, get them checked up and find out if they are healthy or in need of some treatments. If you need to get the appropriate treatments done as soon as possible. You don’t want to let your feet get sick because they are your transport everywhere. At the clinic they will inspect your feet for any possible infections and prescribe appropriate medication. Take your feet to get a pedicure every once in a while. A pedicure will get your feet and nails cleaned and buffed making them look all very nice.

Moisturize Them

We often moisturize our face, hands and body but simply neglect our feet. Our feet are the parts that need moisturizing most. Before going to bed, wash your feet thoroughly and dry them well – this is quite significant as any wet surface on the skin is breeding ground for bacteria and fungus – after drying them well, apply moisturizer and gently massage them, loosening up all the harden spots from all that walking around all day.

Use a Scrubber to Get the Dead Skin Off

Your feet will accumulate dead skin on the soles and getting them off will leave your skin feeling soft and nice. Use a hard surfaced scrubber; there are even specially made scrubbers that imitate rocks such as pumice which is quite good on the skin. Use a scrubber after you have wet your legs and gently scrub off the dead hard skin. Lather them in soap and dry thoroughly to leave them feeling soft.

Dry All the Nooks and Crannies

When drying your feet full-on it’s very important to remember to dry in between the toes. The warm and moist space between the toes is an excellent ground for bacteria and fungi to grow. , is often the place that most people begin to have fungal infections. If you do encounter an unfortunate fungal infection, get medication as quickly as possible to prevent it from spreading or worse giving rise to other bacterial diseases.

Make your feet a part of your routine healthcare, make your appointments and get that pedicure. Don’t neglect your sole mode of transportation.

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