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Tips To Make Your Recovery From Addiction Easier

The number of addiction cases in the United States surpasses the number of patients diagnosed with diabetes, cancer, and heart conditions. Surprising as it may be, this is the reality of the world. Although numerous approaches are employed to help them recover, these patients with addiction think that recovery simply means stopping from the use of substance and the likes. Well, at some point, it is; however, the problem with this way of thinking is that it is not sustainable. There have been instances when the patient has stopped, but after some time, he goes back to his old ways. The trick is that you need to create a new life where the circumstances will drive you away from its eventual use. How?


Once you are hooked, you tend to lie about everything – from its usage to its repercussions – to anyone and at some point, even to yourself. Individuals who have developed severe addiction often find themselves confused about who they are and what they believe in due to the lies that they feed to themselves. But lying will get you to nowhere. In fact, it will only make the situation worse. The first essential thing about recovery is honesty. If you are honest, acceptance and will to change will automatically follow through. 


This acronym stands for hungry, angry, lonely and tired. Although these situations may seem common, these are regarded as high-risk situations that you could put you in a situation where it is hard to say “no”. Apparently, these situations are tremendously difficult to avoid, but if you are extremely aware of these situations, you will be more prepared once you encounter them. Through this, little temptations won’t lure you to using substance and the likes, so you better take care of yourself and remain vigilant of HALT situations.


One reason why people use substance and other addicting elements is they need and want to escape and relax to alleviate themselves from the tension. The desire to escape and relax is normal and inevitable. Who would not want to escape and relax after a stressful circumstance or a toxic day? However, you need to keep in mind that the use of a substance and the likes is not the only way for you to relieve yourself from the tension. If you feel like everything is overwhelming and you just want to walk away, then go – literally. Walk away from the stress and let your mind relax. In fact, this is the reason drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Victoria and other treatment facilities are isolated. This is to help their patients attain a certain level of inner peace and make them realize that substance use is unnecessary. Thus, free yourself.


Stress is inevitable. In anywhere you go and whatever that you do, you are exposed to stress. Everything in the world is stressful and there is no way that you can change that. However, you can do something about YOUR world to eradicate that stress. Learn how to manage stress so you will not be urged to resort to unnecessary “escape and relaxation”. Keep in mind that stressed people are more prone to doing the wrong thing, rather than the right; hence, before you do anything else, take a deep breath and calm down. Once you do so, you can decide.

Recovery is a lifelong path and commitment. Even though you will find these tips to be petty, these small things are the ones that greatly matter and the ones that will lead you to a sustainable recovery.


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