Good Health

To promote good health practices

Medical camps are a great way to promote good health and habits among the general public. You may not be a doctor or a nurse, but you can take the initiative of doing something good for the society and future generation, by starting on a medical camp. Most people would have an interest to join this. You can provide a lot of facilities through it.

A lot of such camps have blood donation units where you can collect blood pints from different blood groups and donate them to the blood bank. It is a great help as many serious patients suffer in pain due to the absence of a perfect match. You can even request for kidney donations, for patients in need. This could be done in collaboration with leading hospital and medical institutes. Many such institutes would be grateful for this great act you are undertaking.

Another major concern of these days is the increasing number of cancer patients. This fatal disease is constantly on the rise in many forms. Most common is breast cancer which affects many a thousand women from all parts of the world. The female party should be given the adequate knowledge on this matter in order to be vigilant at all times. Simply identifying it as soon as possible can be greatly helpful in curing it. There are many symptoms of this is disease, which makes it really easy to detect in the early stages. Late stages of cancer of any form are really difficult to cure and could be a really sad situation to face.

All women who are above 40 years of age are recommended to get a mammogram done on them. You can promote this kind of knowledge and how to identify if you have cancer through this camp. A presentation with images could really make the message seep into the audience present. If your budget permits, you could print leaflets and brochures with regard to this and distribute among those who are present. This way the message could go out the general public in printed form. This is what you should aim at, to get the most number of people aware of these matters. It is then that you could promote good health and habits among all people. This is what you should strive to achieve through your medical camp too. The future generation will thank you for it which includes your children and family too. Think of the greater good of all people in the society and take this initiative with strong willpower.



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