What Are The Different Types Of Exercising?

If you’re new to the world of working out, you’re probably thinking ‘alright, I’ll just go for runs every now and then’, which is great: you’re helping better yourself. But, you’re being oblivious to the various other methods of exercising that you could be utilizing- seeing greater results. Now, some of these you may already know of, but some not. That’s okay! You have to start somewhere, why else are you called a beginner?

The Great Comfort Of Cardio

You already know what cardio is. Everyone does- and if you don’t, you probably know of cardio exercises, but not what the term exactly means. Allow me to explain.  Cardio is essentially any form of exercise that causes you to extensively work out your cardiovascular system. This is done by means of putting pressure on your aerobic system.

This type of exercise is great if you want to lose weight fast. It’s the go-to for many and is the primary component of weight loss programs.

If you’re wondering what some of these exercises are, it enlists things like running, swimming, skipping rope and kickboxing.

Let’s take a closer look; there are different forms of cardio- High intensity and Low-intensity cardio. High intensity is interval training, switching between periods of exhaustive exercise, then a lighter pace. Low-intensity cardio is working out, keeping your heart rate at a lower rate, ie- yoga.

What About Weight Training?

This is also one of the most common forms of exercising. Everyone knows about this along with the concept of cardio. Let’s talk about it in detail- what it basically is, is the stressing of your muscles. You work to exert pressure on them, and with this you’ll be tearing muscle fibres. This sounds worrying but it’s not. With each tear in the muscle fibre, it grows back stronger than before. You do this through dumbbells and weight machines.

With mere weight training, you can’t build muscle. Diet is absolutely essential to this. You need to eat nutritious meals, not just anything. But the main component of what you eat must be protein. This is as protein allows the broken muscle fibres to heal.  If you see a bodybuilders search history, you’ll probably see buy bulk protein powders new zealand on it.

What is circuit training?

Circuit training is great if you want to combine weight training along with cardio. How this occurs is that you use a component of weight training to promote cardio health. You can do this by using your body weight to act as resistance- do pushups, squats, jumping jacks, sit-ups and bench presses. This not only works to break down your muscles but is a form of high-intensity cardio.

If you want, you could try and implement a dumbbell into your routine. This will add more resistance to your muscles than body weight.

Now, you know pretty much everything that you need to about the different types of exercising. What do you think? Did you find this article useful?


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