What Are The Worst Things To Do While Trying To Lose Weight?

If you’re trying to lose weight, there are many things you could do that would make the journey hard. Below, we’ll be discussing all of these things. If curious, read ahead.

Are You Only Doing Cardio?

If you’re working out, you have to do a mix of cardio and weight training. If you don’t, you’re compromising how your body would look in the end.

This is as the lack of strength training would leave your muscles weak. The continuous cardio would zap your muscle as well, making you look very skinny.

You’ll fall under a condition called “skinny fat” which isn’t the ideal body type. You’ll regret losing the pounds as you’d look worse than you did before.

How Much Are You Eating?

When losing weight, it’s important that you monitor what you eat. Because you can’t lose weight without the aid of a proper diet. This is as you need to eat less than your daily intake.

You may think this is hard, but it’s not. You can easily monitor how many calories you’re putting inside your body with a fitness tracker. From the many available, the ones in the Appstore are the most popular.

What Are You Eating?

Not only should you monitor how much you’re eating, but you should assess what type of food you’re putting inside your body.

The food you’re consuming should not be full of sugars, fats and carbs. If there are, you’re going to find it very hard to lose weight even if you’re eating less than what you should be.

The sugar would build up, affecting your figure as well. It will contribute to how skinny fat you are.

If you find it hard to control what you eat there are many resources- all it takes is 10 days to lose a kg if you watch what you eat and work out, so check these out.

You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

By not drinking enough water, you’re making it hard for you to lose the pounds. This is as water acts as the medium for all metabolic reactions.

The burning of fat is a metabolic reaction. So, you’re compromising how often the process takes place as it can’t happen efficiently when there’s a lack of water in the body.

You Drink A Lot Of Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is horrible when you’re trying to lose weight. It should be avoided as people don’t realize how many calories are in a bottle of wine alone.

At the end of the day, alcohol is just fermented sugar, so keep this in mind.

Low Carb Foods

Don’t fill your diet with low cal versions of food. This is a horrible thing to do as the low-calorie version of foods are full of a lot of sugar.

Not just this, but the lack of calories will make you hungry. If you keep this up, you’re building an urge to overeat so you’ll binge very soon. This will cause all the work you did to go down the drain.

Don’t Over Exercise

By overexercising, you’re doing something that’s similar to eating low cal food- you’re creating an urge. Over time, you’ll get fed up with working out, taking a break and never going back to it. And when you do go back, you’ve already lost all your gains.

The above information ran through the many mistakes people make when trying to lose weight. As you can see, there are many wrong things you could do, so avoid them.


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