What Should Your Home First Aid Kit Contain?

Accidents are inevitable. They happen at the most unexpected place during the most unexpected time. Since no one can predict such mishap, it is best to be always alert and prepared. This holds true especially at home. Although the home is regarded as the safest place in the world, there are still instances when accidents happen. It can happen to any individual regardless of gender and age. Though hospitals and clinics can be located within the vicinity, it is still best if you have a first aid kit at home. With this kit, you can easily and immediately respond to any casualty. Even though people often mention the term “first aid kit”, you might wonder about its contents. Yes, it can save lives but it depends on the available components. To help you in deciding what to place inside your first aid kit at home, below are some items:

Dressings and Bandages

Cuts and other minor injuries are inevitable inside a house. Using a knife in preparing for daily meals make you more prone to accidents such as minor cuts. In these cases, adhesive strip dressings come in handy. You can even buy it in varying designs that is particularly useful for children. However, if the strip dressing won’t suffice, it is best to try wound dressings that vary in sizes. It will help you control the bleeding and protect the wound from any foreign particles. Use elastic and non-elastic bandages to keep the wound dressings and splints, respectively, in place.


Insect bites and rashes are common. Hence, it is best if you include cream in your first aid kit at home. There are many variations of creams. Depending on your preference, the traditional ones are commonly available in the drugstores and convenience stores. However, there are also organic ones such as the vegan paw paw that uses natural ingredients that are less harmful to the skin.

Scissors, Shears, Tweezers, and Tape

Make sure you keep a stock of tools to aid you in cleaning and dressing the wound. The pair of scissors is used to cut dressings and bandages, while the pair of shears are for clothing. Between the two, the pair of scissors is the most commonly kept tool at home. Although scissors can also cut through clothing, some still prefer the pair of shears as its blades are specifically designed for clothing. The tweezers, on the other hand, are used to remove any splinters. Once you started dressing the wound, use a tape to secure the dressing in place.

Saline and Swabs

Before you dress any wound, it is a standard medical procedure to clean it first. The most commonly used wound cleaner is the saline or sodium chloride solution. This bottle of universal solution is usually kept and used at homes or at the hospitals. Some also use swabs in cleaning the wounds and the skin surrounding it. Only then can you dress the wound.

Although accidents are unwanted, it is unavoidable. Hence, it is better to always be prepared by having a first aid kit at home. Save yourself from worries and keep your family safer through the first aid kit.


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