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Types of Medical Doctors

High school is one of the highlights of school life. They say it is one of the best years as you get to form a special bond with your classmates and even your teacher. Moreover, it is during this time when you will have to make a decision on which course to take up in college. Choose what you think is closest to your heart. There are many college courses to choose from. You can take up a business course, economics, education, information technology, or medicine. If you want the last one, a pre-med course is the best choice for you. A pre-med course isn’t a major. It is a term that you can use to let other people know you are studying to become a healthcare provider. However, you need to have a good memory and problem-solving skills. For pre-med courses, choose from B.S Biology, B.S Chemistry, B.S Medical Technology, or B.S Nursing. Once you finish your pre-med course, you have to decide which type of medical doctor you will be. So, are you interested? Keep on reading.


Cardiologists are experts when it comes to blood vessels and heart. Some of the heart-related problems a cardiologist addresses are heart attack and heart failure. Also, they help in making a decision about angioplasty, heart surgery, etc. Just like any medical doctors, they have extensive education which includes four years of medical school and three years in internal medicine. And it doesn’t end there. They have to spend three or more years in training. 


Do you have a problem with your skin? Go to a dermatologist. They can diagnose skin-related problems such as cancer, condition of your skin, hair, nails, etc. The skin is the largest organ of the body and it is the most at risk to diseases, too. Some of the common skin diseases include dermatitis, eczema, fungal infections, skin cancer and warts.


An obstetrician is a medical doctor that specializes in childbirth, pregnancy and the overall health of a woman’s reproductive system. You can be a Private Obstetrician. You have to make sure that your patient will have a pre-natal checkup, during her pregnancy and after the birth. Moreover, you need to be able to manage a high-risk pregnancy.


A pediatrician is responsible for making sure that a child is in good health. He or she has to diagnose your child’s infections and illnesses, do physical exams, give information about child growth, health and safety, provide vaccinations, etc.


An endocrinologist specializes in bone and calcium disorders, diabetes, hormones, metabolism and thyroid problems. They know the best possible treatments that a traditional treatment can’t resolve. Majority of general medical practitioners know how to diagnose a hormone-related illness; however, it is still better if one will go to a specialist like an endocrinologist.

Medical doctors are our modern-day heroes. Without them, a sick person will have a little chance of surviving most especially when he or she is suffering from a chronic illness. If you want to become a medical doctor, too, make sure you have the skills and you have the passion to help.


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